hello, we are Cut Loose London

…and we are here to help you get the word out about your business, or new venture, however big or small.

the timeline


Persia & I met whilst hostessing at Wembley Stadium. We bonded over a funny incident that had just unfolded and then realised whilst catching up in the ladies bathroom that we both loved working on films, I was about to try my hand at a Film Production degree and Persia was studying prosthetic makeup and wig making, whilst working on British Tv show Endeavour.


We roped in several friends and the usual suspects, Silva and Daniel Castellani, charged up a John Lewis flip out camera, Persia covered everyone in gold leaf and the works and we headed out to Holland Park and the surrounding areas to shoot what would be our first film together. Please don’t ask to see it we are still looking for the USB we downloaded it onto, probably for the best though, we’d like to think our filmmaking skills have developed since. See our work section to judge us further.


After branding up in 2017 and officially registering the company. We finally moved from a shared office space in London Bridge to our own office, in South London. Located next to a little cobbled mews. Just a Brompton cycle ride away!

Why us…


We would lose sleep for you.

We have a work ethic that is second to none

We are women on a mission

We are surprisingly strong and could drag triple our body weight in bags across India for you in order to get the shot!

Persia & Corrine 


Cut Loose London